essence this is me. gel nail polish 04


this is me. gel nail polish 04

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Here it is - the perfect nude nail polish! With its 20 flattering nude shades, the new this is me! range is sure to offer the right colour for your nails - no matter whether your skin tone is light, medium, tanned or dark. The vegan nail polish creates a high shine on your nails, is long-lasting and has a high coverage - just like the new shine last & go! gel nail polishes. Combined with the lipsticks from the this is me! range, the duo form a perfect beauty match to complete your make-up look. 

น้ำยาทาเล็บเจลสีนู้ด โทนสีที่สามารถแมทช์กับทุกสีผิวได้อย่างลงตัว สูตรแห้งไวและติดทนนานพร้อมประกายเจิดจรัส

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