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essence all about matt! oil control paper

The Essence All About Matt! Oil Control Paper is a mattifying blotting paper that absorbs excess oil and sebum. With the help of these sheets you ensure that your make up look looks perfect with a fresh look. The sheets ensure that your look becomes or remains matte without having to reapply your make-up. Your skin is ready for compliments!
The paper is pink and has a red and white packaging with an easy opening so that each paper is easy to grab. These sheets are ideal for a quick touch up on-the-go. Ready for action, wherever you are! These blotting papers: absorb excess oil
keeps your makeup look perfect
makes or keeps your look matte
gives a fresh look
perfect for quick touch ups on the go
Cruelty free

How to use : Use it to absorb oil on the face.
Net Weight/Volume :  50 items
Shelf life since the manufacture date : 5 Year
Brand Owner : Germany
Made in : KOREA

Caution: In terms of item color, it may be slightly different from each monitor display and specification. 

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